A collection of pieces of all traditional media, including colored pencil, charcoal, graphite, ink, and paint.
Colored Pencil

"Worn Boots." Colored Pencil. December 2017.

"Purple Chuck." Colored Pencil and Ink. March 2016.

"Favorite Bands." Colored Pencil and Ink. August 2015.


"Origami." Charcoal Pencil. May 2016.

"Chuck." Charcoal Pencil. March 2016.

"Fabric Still Life." Charcoal Pencil. November 2015.

"Biomass No. 2." Willow Charcoal. February 2016.

"Abstract World." Charcoal Pencil. October 2015.

"Converse Tread." Charcoal Pencil. March 2016.


"God Is With Me, Tattoo Design." Graphite. November 2015.

"Jack and Sally." Graphite. April 2014.

"Police Badge." Graphite. August 2016.


"Worn Chuck." Ink. March 2016.

"New School Design." Sharpie. January 2016.

Paint: Watercolor

Untitled. Watercolor and Ink. October 2017.

"Jimi Hendrix." Watercolor and Ink. July 2016.

Untitled. Watercolor and Ink. April 2017.

Paint: Acrylic

"Delicate Arch." Acrylic Paint. February 2015.

"Converse Logo." Acrylic Paint. March 2016.


"Violin." Magazine cut-outs. March 2015.

"Converse Collage." Magazine cut-outs. March 2016.

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